A disk encryption tool for sensitive information protection from an undesired access by other people.The program?s features enable encryption and password protection of disks/disk partitions,removable storage devices,USB/flash drives,making using the information stored thereon impossible without entering the correct password.It is helpful when the user loses their external hard drive or USB device,or when their PC is illegitimately accessed.

Publisher description

Cryptic Disk is a disk encryption tool for the protection of classified information from an undesired access by other people.The program?s features allow encrypting and password protecting disks/disk partitions,internal and external HDD,removable storage devices,such as USB drive and flash drive,thus,making it impossible to view or use the information stored thereon without entering the correct password.This can be of particular help in cases when the information owner loses their external hard drive or USB device,or when their PC is illegitimately accessed by an unauthorized person.Cryptic Disk functions as follows:Before starting the encryption process,it is important to first transfer all the sensitive information to another storage device/disk partition,otherwise it can be lost.After the user implements a simple disk encryption procedure,the encrypted disk/disk partition will not appear in the system and,thus,cannot be accessed.Any files or documents stored later on onto the encrypted disk will be subject to automatic encryption.In order to recover them,the user will be required to run Cryptic Disk,enter a password to activate the encrypted disk,after which the documents and files contained there become decrypted and accessible. In cases when multiple users have access to the computer or access it though a local network,the program provides a multi-user access feature where different access rights to encrypted disks can be set for various users.For a person to use this feature administrative privileges are required.The program offers a highly reliable protection of a disk/disk partition:it uses an AES-256 algorithm approved as an encryption standard and applied by state or nation-wide organizations to ensure serious protection for highly confidential data.User-friendly interface and on-the-fly(or user-transparent)encryption technology applied by the program makes it possible for a user of any experience to easily encrypt and secure their disks with Cryptic Disk.

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